Saturday, November 14, 2009

The “Popular” Diets & Why They May Not Have Worked For You

Well here comes the holidays and the extra pounds for most Americans. We continue to see diets advertised on television allowing participants food like hamburgers and french fries not to mention chocolate cake. One nutritionist has an infomercial claiming that you can eat all the foods you love including pasta, chocolate cake, cheeseburgers, french fries, candy and brownies and you can still lose weight with his program. If you get up close to the television during this infomercial you see the disclaimer in small print at the very bottom of the screen,

“Results are not typical.”

My response, “Then what good is it?”

If you truly want to lose weight you first need to be realistic. If you still think you can lose weight by eating chocolate cake, pasta, hamburgers and french fries then you are not being realistic, in my opinion.

The bottom line with these diets is that they don’t work for most people. The main reason is that the hardest thing to do when you are wanting to diet is to go hungry. I remember when I was in wrestling in high school and I had to lose weight by Friday in order to wrestle in an upcoming meet. I would starve myself for two or three days, lose 10 or 11 pounds and wrestle for six minutes on Friday. First of all, let me be the first to say, if I tried to do that today it would probably kill me. It is amazing what your body can take when you are young and healthy.

The most difficult part of this whole dieting thing, which is the point of all this, was going hungry. It affected how I slept, my ability to concentrate, my mood and energy levels and my overall ability to think and react. There was nothing in my life that was not affected by the hunger, and all in a negative way I might add.

Most diets predispose you to failure for two different reasons. One type of diet gives you great tasting, fattening foods but only small tiny, tiny little portions. The other type of diet lets you have as much celery and rice cakes as you want. Guess how much celery and rice cakes I want? If you said none, you already know me pretty well. Even if I haven’t eaten all day I still don’t think a rice cake is tasty or satisfying. I couldn’t care less that I can have as much of that crap as I want. I don’t want any of it!

If you get on one of these diets where you have to buy all your food from some company, then how are you ever going to eat at a restaurant? What are you going to do on holidays? What are you going to do when someone invites you over to their house for dinner? You certainly cannot bring your little microwave diet dinner with you. People would think you were nuts.

All of these situations occur in all of our lives and in all of these cases we have to go off the diet for these meals if we are on one of the diets where we buy special food. These diets do not teach you how to eat healthy in the real world and as soon as you quit buying this special, expensive food, you begin to gain back all the weight you lost.

Even though most diets don’t generally work in the long run, you continue to search for the one that will. Because of the extra stress that most “diets” cause in your life, you tend to not just gain back the weight you lost in the short time you were on the diet, but as a result of the added stress of being on the diet you gain a little extra so now you have a little more weight you want to lose and you feel like a failure. You wait a while and then you hear about or read about a diet that the stars in Hollywood are having great success with. Now it’s time to try another fad diet and drop another few temporary pounds.

If this cycle has been repeating over and over throughout your life, you’re not alone. Most people with a weight problem have it for many years and in many cases they die overweight having never succeeded in their life long desire to lose the excess pounds. Gaining and losing and then gaining and losing again and then again is extremely unhealthy and causes loads of stress on your organs and your body as a whole.

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