Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Losing Weight Without Dieting Believable?

I have had numerous emails concerning the believability of losing weight without dieting. There have been numerous scams perpetrated on vulnerable people truly trying to lose weight and keep it off and we all know, "If it sound too good to be true, it probably is, Right?"

Well in this case, wrong! Anyway, I decided to provide some small hints as to how to lose weight without dieting. First of all, diets come in two flavors. (How's that for a metaphor?) The first type of diet has you eating all the foods you love to eat, or at least you think you love to eat them. Heroin addicts think they love to do heroin but do they really? Things that hurt us and make us feel bad, whether physical or emotional, we truly don't like but we are used to them or possibly even addicted to them. I don't know who said it first but, "It only takes 30 days to change a habit!"

Lose Weight Without Dieting does just that. It teaches us what will make us happy by making us healthy. Fat is not healthy and it does not truly make us happy. We are just used to the things that made us fat. Lose Weight Without Dieting will help you change your perspective and your menu so you truly become happy and healthy. 

Once you begin the "New Menu" and you stick with it for 30 days and then you cheat and eat something that is not on the menu, something you think you have been craving for the entire month. Guess what, you feel nauseous and very unhealthy. You never realized that the food you think you are craving was actually making you feel that way because you felt that way all the time.

The message here is give it 30 days and then go ahead and cheat and see if you don't agree. It will be a confusing time because for those 30 days you were sure you wanted those foods and now here they are making you feel ill.

Enough about that. Visit the web site and get the first chapter of the book just by entering your name and email. We will email it to you and you can get started right away and see that it does work and that you can lose the weight you have been trying to lose for many years and actually keep it off because you will understand what is going on and how to control it.

Last, let me leave you with a little trick to losing weight that is also not dieting. We all know that we need a lot of wate every day but no one knows exactly how much. I have heard television hosts on health related programs say that women need 8 glasses and men need 12 or some arbitrary numbers similar to these. The best estimate I have ever found is to weigh yourself and multiply by 0.66 and convert to ounces of water.

In other words if you weigh 200 pounds you would multiply by 0.66 like this:

(200 lbs)(0.66) =  132 ounces of water

Now the secret I promised. Drink the water ice cold. Why do that? Because your body will actually burn calories to heat the water up. How much will it burn? On average a pound a month if you drink the recommended amount. While that is not a lot of weight every little bit counts and if you think about it you will lose 60 pounds over the next 5 years just drinking the water that you should be drinking anyway.

That's all for now. Be sure to stop in tomorrow at the web site and get your free chapter. Just follow the link below.

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